About Us

Sundial Arizona
Sundial Arizona, LLC is a renewable energy development company and third party power provider.  Sundial's solar efforts, to date, have been focused on projects in suburban Phoenix, Arizona.  Sundial owns and operates eight solar facilities consisting of approximately 5.4 megawatts DC of nameplate capacity. Each of the eight projects are located at, and for the benefit of, a specific high school or elementary school facility.  We have partnered with multiple school districts and the electricity produced by the solar array is purchased by the schools and goes to offset or supplement the power supplied by the local utility company.

Why Solar?
Utility Prices have steadily increased year after year.  Like any other resource, electricity is a valuable and scarce commodity that must be produced and delivered to an end user.  As a society, we have continued to demand more from our electric providers as our requirements for electricity has increased due to bigger homes, comfort requirements and consumer technology. At the same time, however, consumers and government policy makers at the federal state, and local levels, are demanding that utility companies be more responsible and transparent about the sources of the electric power they provide.

One of the primary benefits to the school districts Sundial has partnered with is the power purchase agreements provides a hedge on a portion of electric bill. Sundial provides the school district with an opportunity to more effectively budget a portion of their utility costs as opposed to being subject to seemingly unending utility price increases that are impossible to predict both in terms of timing and amount.